A career in the medical field can be very rewarding if you have a strong communication skills and an ability to want to help people. While the rewards can be great, the challenges can be just as great.

One filed that this site covers in particular is that of a certified nurses assistant. Since the job of a CNA is many times similar to that of a registered nurse, the experience is a great stepping stone to furthering an education.

Some of the focal points of this site will cover things such as the salary of a CNA, as well as the job duties that are performed on a daily basis. The mental toughness needed to become a certified nursing assistant, as well as the rewards from patients, and those who’s lives are touched by the way they are treated from those in the medical profession.


College and furthering education will also be covered along with the studies and on the clock hours needed to further a career in the field of nursing full time.

While you may have given thought to this career already, and believe that you are ready to either step out of high school or are ready to start helping others, a better understanding of the requirements and experiences you will have in this field will better equip you to become a better CNA in the long run.

It is our wish, that the resources provided will be valuable to you as well as your family in making a decision about your future choice in careers. If you have comments, or wish to leave feedback about your experiences while visiting our site, we encourage you to take a look at our contact page.